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Mindful Parenting Higher Ground

You are a passionate, thoughtful, engaged parent who wants
to transform harmful generational patterns.

I am a
Mindful Parenting Coach.

I can help you reach higher ground.

About Me

Welcome to Higher Ground Enterprises!


I’m Kimberly Hardy, MEd, Mindful Parenting Coach and Certified Parent Educator with over 20 years experience in the field of education.


Following an unprecedented year of unexpected changes in the way we all survive and thrive, I believe that now is the time to reassess, reimagine, and revolutionize how we show up to our own parenting, communication and self-compassion.


Parenting is H.A.R.D. and often reveals unresolved issues from childhood experiences.


These parental “autopilot” reactions are often learned from our parents and are deeply ingrained.

As the eldest daughter, mother of two adult daughters, “Mi-Mi” to a granddaughter, and Parent Educator to a host of families in my community, I recognize how old wounds and conditioning can trigger us into repeating harmful generational patterns and disrupt loving parent-child connections.

I'll give you a roadmap to navigate the inner work of parenting that deepens self-awareness, heals inner hurts, elevates mindsets, and restores ruptured relationships to reach higher ground.


I want to help you evolve into the enlightened parent you truly want to be. 

Kimberly Hardy Mindful Parenting

Why Mindful Parenting?

Parenting is challenging.


Do you feel like your kids are not getting your best?


Do you feel irritable, impatient and stressed?


Do you get frustrated and find yourself sounding like your parents or grandparents?


You are not alone.


Parenting is about how we respond to our children in each moment.

In these moments, we need two things:

the ability to regulate our stress response, and

the ability to connect lovingly and effectively.


The Mindful Parenting Model developed by Hunter Clarke-Fields teaches a process of intentionally bringing curiosity and non-judgmental awareness to each moment, cultivating loving speech, reflective listening and problem resolution for more ease and joy in parenting.


"The best predictor of a child’s well-being is the parent’s self-understanding.” -Dan Seigel


Mindful Parenting Course

This class is designed to help you

become aware of your own story and

disarm triggers to build strong relationships

that will create a lasting impact

for generations to come. 

Participants will develop the following tools:

  1. Mindfulness to help you regulate your stress response, helping you become calmer and less reactive; and

  2. Loving communication based on approaches that have been time-tested and proven to be more effective and result in better relationships between parent and child.

With these tools, the course can help you do the following:

  • Keep your cool

  • Disarm your triggers so you can stay calm

  • Practice compassion for yourself and your children

  • Model healthy ways of handling difficult feelings

  • Help your children solve their own problems 

  • Get your kids to listen to you by helping and healing

  • Develop loving and effective speech-Stop Yelling 

  • Resolve conflicts mindfully to get both parent and child’s needs met

  • Cultivate willing cooperation from your kids without threats or punishment

  • Communicate with curiosity and compassion

  • Create and support a peaceful home

  • 8 weeks of live virtual group sessions filled with mindfulness practice, meditation, & coaching

  • The book Raising Good Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fields

  • A comprehensive workbook to guide you every step of the way

  • Access to replays of each live session

  • Access to Mindful Parenting Membership online resources

  • A loving, supportive community of like-minded parents and coaches

What You Get When You Sign Up


Wonder how you can stop being that harsh parent you swore you’d never be?

Imagine...being your true loving self with your kids 


Imagine...modeling self-love and self-compassion to foster self-esteem


Imagine...talking and communicating skillfully instead of yelling and screaming


Imagine...praising and affirming their willing cooperation without threats or punishment


Imagine...building strong, respectful relationships that break harmful generational patterns


Imagine...Raising Kind, Confident Kids who grow up to be Good Humans!


It's possible. Mindful Parenting will revolutionize the way you live and parent your children by transforming habitual, harsh and mindless reactions into more curious, loving and compassionate responses.


"As we create more peace for ourselves,

we create more peace for generations."


-Hunter Clarke-Fields

Hunter Clarke-Fields Mindful Parenting

Registration by invitation only. Please complete the form below if invited.


Mindful Parent Manifesto

Present, Evolving

Authentic, and Free

Practices Self-Compassion

Practices Presence

Wisdom over Reactivity

Empathy over Obedience

Creates their Experience

Embraces Imperfection

Loves Thyself

Begins Anew Daily

Shifts Generations

I am a Mindful Parent.

Mindful Parenting
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